5 Breakfasts You Can Freeze

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Mini quiches, healthy muffins, oatmeal clafoutis, breakfast burritos and even homemade pancakes and waffles all freeze beautifully and are reheated in a snap on a busy school morning.

Taking a break from the usual cereal and milk quickie breakfast sounds wonderful, in theory. But who has time to make quiches, pancakes, breakfast burritos and other elaborate morning fare for a hungry family from scratch on a Wednesday morning at 7:12 am? No real parent I’d know. Taking breakfasts you made ahead from wholesome ingredients out of the freezer and reheating them, now that sounds manageable!

Here are 5 breakfast ideas you can make ahead when you have the time and that freeze beautifully. Reheat these breakfasts in a snap, even on the busiest of school mornings:

Crustless Mini Quiches

The most complicated part of preparing a quiche is making the crust. So don’t. Simply skip the dough and turn these delicious breakfast bites into mini “filling only” versions of their big cousin, the elaborate full-size baked egg tart.

Choose a regular sized muffin pan for a more substantial breakfast dish or a mini muffin tin to make cute little mini quiches. “Line” each muffin cup with grated cheese in the bottom; this will form sort of a shell and the filling will set inside. You can use your favorite quiche recipe or simply let each family member pick their favorite ingredients for the filling — sausage, bacon, veggies, onions, herbs…

Favorite ZisBoomBah recipe:

Mini Quiche Lorraine 

Freeze whatever crustless mini quiches you’ve spared after you took them out of the oven. (Consider yourself warned; these scrumptious little bites virtually pop themselves into your mouth.) Reheating for a few minutes in the oven will make these little munchies crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. Even better than fresh!

Healthy Muffins 

Breakfast muffins freeze beautifully and are quickly warmed up in the microwave in seconds. What’s more, with an ample variety of muffin recipes — from sweet to savory — you are sure to find a family favorite that hits the spot for everyone on a busy weekday morning.

Afraid of another healthy muffin failure? If your latest attempt at following some better-for-you vegan shadow-of-a-muffin recipe turned out somewhat, shall we say… cardboardy, then read this article by ZisBoomBah food writer Becky Milansky: No More “Healthy Muffins” Failures: Delicious recipes with wholesome ingredients.

Favorite ZisBoomBah recipes:

Morning Glory Muffins

Fruit Honey Yogurt Muffins

Oatmeal Breakfast Clafoutis

Clafoutis is such a fun word to say. And witnessing your sleepy-eyed little ones trying to remember the name of their new favorite breakfast item in the morning is priceless — “Um, you know, Mom, those foodie thingies we have in the freezer….”

Originally, clafoutis is a (you guessed it) French tart made of fruit, typically cherries, baked in a sweet batter. Today, there are many less desserty, more wholesome adaptations out there. Clafoutis recipes are fabulously flexible and very forgiving, so happily stuff away (clafir in French means “to stuff”). According to this article, you can take the French dish from sweet to savory, as your family’s taste buds please. Oatmeal makes the perfect base for nutritious clafoutis that you bake in a pan, cut in squares and freeze individually wrapped in foil. Let your child’s favorite oatmeal cookie recipe be the inspiration (she’ll be so excited to find familiar and beloved flavors on her breakfast plate). Add raisins, nuts, cinnamon, and other dried or fresh fruit, even veggies to your liking.

Here is a yummy Oatmeal Breakfast Clafoutis recipe by Chocolate & Zucchini.    

Homemade Pancakes and Waffles

Did you know you could make a mega batch of your family’s favorite pancake or waffle batter and freeze it for months in portions just enough for one quick and easy breakfast?

To save even more time in the morning, cook a humongous batch of pancakes or waffles ahead, let them cool and freeze a stack with wax paper in between each layer. When it’s time for breakfast during the week, take out as many pancakes or waffles as you want and heat them in the microwave. Better yet, in a pinch, throwing your frozen pancakes or waffles in the toaster will make them slightly crisp on the outside and warm, soft on the inside. And, mmmh, the delicious smell coming from the toaster will lure your little sleepyheads to the kitchen faster than you can yell “time to get u-u-up” for the third time.

Favorite ZisBoomBah recipes:

Power Pancakes

Pumpkin Chocolate Chips Pancakes

Breakfast Burritos

Make a batch of your own breakfast burritos on a leisurely Sunday and a hungry little mouth with thank you one school morning. Breakfast burritos are easy to freeze and a filling first meal of the day. Sprinkle them with grated cheese and quickly reheat in the microwave.  

Think beyond the classic bacon, scrambled egg and cheese combo and don’t be afraid to invent your own recipe. Burritos are a blank canvas for all the breakfast goodies you may want to pack into these big boys. 

Favorite ZisBoomBah recipe:

Vegetarian Breakfast Wraps

More breakfast foods that freeze well and are great to have on hand: 

Bacon — cook in a 350F oven on an aluminum-covered baking sheet until crisp. Drain the bacon strips on paper towels, then freeze them in a zipper bag.

Fresh fruit for smoothies  — tired of throwing away half-eaten fruit your kids leave laying around the house? Waste it no longer. Collect fruit leftovers in a zipper bag in the freezer and before you know it you have enough frozen fruit to make delicious smoothies one morning! ZisBoomBah’s has kid-friendly smoothie recipes aplenty.

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